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Call for Abstracts for UM’s 1st International Joint Conference on Biodiversity and Technology and Social Sciences

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Dear participants:


Inspired by the positive local impacts that it makes, the University of Mindanao is hosting the 1st International Joint Conference on Biodiversity and Technology and Social Science on March 11-12, 2020 in our Matina Campus, Davao City, Philippines. UM endeavors to spur awareness on multi-disciplinary research to a larger international community through the conference.

Following the theme “Converging ideas towards academe-industry-nature 4.0”, the conference aims to gather government, academic leaders, students, researchers, and industries. It very timely as we move forward towards industrial revolution 4.0 where the convergence of ideas is highly needed for the world to cope with upfront challenges. Participants are also expected to share experiences, insights, recommendations, and research findings on the role of the communities in achieving sustainable green economy and society. It is the perfect avenue for our students and faculty to engage in research presentation and connect with other agencies on possible research collaborations.

Conference Objectives:

  1. Provide avenue for faculty, students, and researchers to present and discuss their research methodologies and processes with other higher institutions in the country;
  2. Disseminate and discuss relevant research findings particularly on technology, biodiversity, and social sciences;
  3. Motivate students, faculty, and staff to conduct more researches;
  4. Establish camaraderie and friendship between private and public colleges and universities in the country;
  5. Develop confidence among research participants, professionals and students alike, in research presentation; and
  6. Establish research linkages with other higher and research institutions in the Philippines and other countries; and
  7. Deepen the experience in managing research conference.

Why join the conference?

Another interesting feature of the conference are the side events like the keynote addresses of internationally-renowned researchers, SmartTalks, and conference workshops.

Local ethnic group, Bagobo-Tagabawa, will also showcase performances during the conference in celebration of the cultural diversity in Davao City. Bagobo-Tagabawa is one of the 11 tribes in Davao that display a well-defined social structure. The community of the Bagobo-Tagabawa is also the partner- community and adopters of research-based technologies.

How to contact us?

For inquiries, you may email Ms. Karen Gale Alarcon at or contact her through our landline (082) 244-3400 local 111 or mobile number 0942-0180-323. Relative information to the conference may view updates through UM-Research and Publication Center FB account

We are very excited to hear your discoveries in making this world a better place. Not just for us, but to our future generation.