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Vol. 2, No. 1, December 2017

Train and educate with the use of technology
Brenda Lloyd
Developing multimedia-assisted learning program in basic Biology course in Indonesia
Rianti Cahyani and D. Mardiana
Implementation of blended learning model toward student’s achievement
Edi Pranoto, Suciati and Widha Sunarno
The use of GAP and MAPLE software in teaching group theory
Ema Carnia and Sisilia Sylviani
Development of language, Mathematics and self-independence abilities of a five-year-old with speech delay using educational toys
Geertruida Maya and Made Markus
Use of learning models and media regarding reproductive health attitudes and reproductive system learning outcomes in senior high schools
Isoh Sukaesah, Rusdi, and Reni Indrayani
Implementation of STAD cooperative learning model to improve self-esteem, metacognitive skill, and concept mastery in Mathematics learning 
Mahadewi Asih Puspitaningtyas and Nancy Susianna
Development and validation of 2P2S instrument by mix methods
Nancy Ng Yut Kuan and Lay Yoon Fah
Hypothetical learning trajectory design on the history of Indonesian independence struggle in Mathematics logic instruction 
Dra Nurjanah
Contextualized teaching on the problem-solving performance of students 
Rolando V. Obiedo and Richard R. Jugar
Using design science in educational technology research projects
Susan M. Chard
Validation of Lectora based interactive module to improve the ability of junior high school students spatial in learning Geometry
Tika Sepa, Merina Pratiwi and Sofia Edriati
Genre analysis of linguistics research introductions
Anthony Porras and Sajed S. Ingilan
Verb phrase structure of Sinama using Chomskyan approach
Novie Jade T. Ramos and Sajed S. Ingilan
Anuran assemblage on forest edges in Datu Salumay, Davao City, Philippines
Christelle Mae M. Dacalus, Adrian H. Calunsag,  Lyotta T. Hoshino, Dayneil Peralta and Elsa May Delima-Baron
The use of SIWI strategy to improve the performance of Grade 8 students in factoring polynomials by a common monomial
Shamile Josephine T. Arobo, Mariel Pearl T. Serafica, Bethel D. Pacay, Joey Oliveros and Milton Norman D. Medina
Error analysis of the freshmen criminology students grammar in written English
Maico Demi Banate Aperocho
RFID-based self-service baggage-counter with base-36 security key algorithm 
Jahdiel S. Villosa, John A. Bacus, Jeffrey G. Garrido, King Roland N. Geyrozaga and Rodrigo S. Pangantihon Jr.
Discriminant analysis of Social Work’s performance in licensure examination
Jonel R. Alonzo and Leslie C. Herrero
Domains of employability skills as predictors of quality of work-life: Basis for a training and development program
Enrico C. Yee, Jr.