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The individualized learning in Mathematics among Badjao children in Matina Aplaya, Davao City

Jocelyn G. Ubas, Louie Resti Rellon and Guillermo Bonghanoy
Mathematics and Science Department, College of Arts and Sciences Education, University of Mindanao, Davao City, Philippines



The Badjaos are known to be shy, ridiculed, discriminated, and cannot interact with other people or races thus affects their behavior in the community and performance in schools. The study aimed at describing the processes and techniques of the individualized learning mechanisms; determining their pre-test and post-test scores; and ascertaining if there was a significant difference in the pre-test and post-test scores of the participants in the individualized learning. We introduced an academic intervention program in Mathematics through tutorials by implementing individualized and personalized interactions. The Mathematical topics and contents included are the results of the needs analysis survey during the focus group discussion (FGD) and key informant interviews (KII). By utilizing the quasi-experimental setup, the pre-test and the post-test results showed some significance regarding mean differences. Qualitative data was also collected. The research activities had developed a harmonious learning environment among stakeholders. The levels of interest of the Badjao children became very promising as manifested by their gestures and behavior in the learning environment. Supporting these results are their performance inside the classroom and the revelation of their teachers. The tutorial program has impacted on the lives of the Badjao children. They appreciated the activity. The Badjao children in the study now can count and comprehend numerical figures without difficulty. They said that it is not difficult to engage these concepts in Mathematics in their everyday living. There is a desire to continue this program to other cultures in Mindanao as well. The research program had developed a sense of cultural understanding and eventually, it was discovered that the learning and tutoring in Mathematics via individualized learning was found to be an efficient tool for learning in Mathematics with the specific cultural background.

Keywords: mathematics learning, individualized learning, Badjaos