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Peer Review Policy

The UMIMRJ Peer Review Policy
The main goal of establishing the peer review journal management system in the University of Mindanao is to ensure that we produce high quality research papers to be shared to the world. The Peer Review Policy of the UMIMRJ is the heart of the journal management system of the University of Mindanao Research and Publication in developing this scholarly publication. Our highly qualified referees play a significant role in maintaining the high quality standards of UMIMRJ and each manuscript are peer reviewed following the procedure outlined below.


Initial Manuscript Evaluation
All new submissions will be screened by the managing editor for completeness and adherence to the Guide for Authors. A senior editor will also be invited to check the content of the manuscript for methodological flaws, completeness of research data, referencing, and quality of grammar and English language. Those that pass will undergo plagiarism check using Turnitin. Manuscripts with over 21% plagiarized materials excluding references will be rejected outright and returned to the author. Manuscript with 20% and below plagiarized materials excluding references will then be temporarily accepted for peer review process. The manuscript will be returned to the author for revision prior to the peer review process. Manuscripts with 15% and below excluding references will be accepted for peer review process. Hence authors are encouraged to have their manuscript grammar and plagiarism checked before submitting to the UMIMRJ.
Authors of the rejected manuscript will be informed within 15 days by the managing editor. Short feedback will be provided and possible publication outlets. Manuscripts deemed suitable for peer review process will be passed to 3 qualified reviewers carefully selected by the Editorial Board.


Type of Peer Review System of UMIMRJ
The UMIMRJ follows the Double-Blind peer review process where both the referee and the author of the manuscript remains anonymous throughout the review process.


Selection of Reviewers
The reviewers of the UMIMRJ are selected based on their tract record in both projects and publications of their respective fields. We also welcome suggestions of reviewers from the authors although this may or may not be used.


Reviewer report
Reviewers are asked to evaluate the manuscript for originality and significance of contribution, interest to scientists or practitioners, relevance to international community, validity of literatures, adequacy of methodology, analysis, and interpretation, and organization. Each reviewer will fill-out the Form 3 Reviewer Report Form which objectively summarizes their comments, suggestions, and opinions of the manuscript. Reviewers are not expected to correct or copy edit the manuscript. Language or grammatical editing is not part of the peer review process.