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Institute of Popular Opinion

Opinion surveys, poll surveys are two of the types of researches that are gaining much acceptance among the wider public. The scientific method and the triviality that opinion surveys reveal are its basic advantage compared to other researches. Its scientific approach eliminates biases and ensures rigorous results.


Survey results help in crafting policies, laws, and ordinances that promote equitable growth and protection of individuals leading to participatory governance. The opinion of the public is a very important ingredient in formulating development plans in order to achieve inclusive development. Businesses as well can employ analysis promulgated from opinion surveys in evaluating risks of investment. In this context, people’s “want” says a lot.


Common issues that people want to know are those that reveal trust ratings, perceptions on effectiveness of local governance, adherence to new ordinances and opinions about a particular issues. These opinions may not directly influence decisions of policy-makers, nevertheless they carry weight and consideration in policy design.


The Institute for Popular Opinion (IPO) under the auspice of the Research and Publication Center of the University of Mindanao Matina Davao City Philippines is born in this reality. IPO is an initiative that blazes and spreads the university’s commitment on rights and empowerment to all the people of Davao. It leads in publishing objective, relevant and informative opinion surveys on the dynamic areas of politics, environment, health, education, youth and marginalized, and economics.


IPO vows to public service through identification of issues and concerns, generation and dissemination of public opinions, and igniting public actions…because people and their opinions matter.