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Freshwater fish species composition of Mount Timolan Protected Landscape, Zamboanga del Sur

Maricris G. Cudal, Liberty Grace L. Calimbo, and Jasper B. Locson
Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Government College, Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines

Bryan Gel S. Larede
Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office, Zamboanga del Sur



In this study, research on the fish composition and abundance in the freshwater ecosystem of Mount Timolan Protected Landscape, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines is presented. The Mount Timolan Protected Landscape is reported as a forest reserved because of its watershed importance. However, studies on fish fauna on its freshwater ecosystem have never been studied. Monthly sampling of fish fauna was conducted in the four established stations in the MTPL from December 2018 to May 2019 revealed a total of 2,422 individuals representing 12 species from 9 families. Shannon-Weiner Diversity Index (‘H) and Simpsons Dominance (D) was found to be high with values of 2.59 and 1.02, respectively. Interestingly, this study revealed an established population of native of species in Upper Nilo stream with no other introduced species found. Monitoring study is further recommended to evaluate the current status of the fish species of freshwater ecosystem of Mount Timolan Protected Landscape.

Keywords: dominance, ichthyofauna, introduced species, fish species monitoring, native species