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Editorial Policy

The UM International Multidisciplinary Research Journal (PRINT ISSN 2467-5806; ONLINE ISSN 2457-5814) is open to all researchers, scientists, teachers, graduate students, and beginning researchers who wish their research paper to be published in a peer-reviewed journal. This journal is viewed as the premier journal that accepts contributions from various areas: Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, and Physical Sciences. The quality of articles published in this journal is our top priority. Contributors can view our online website The Editorial Board is inviting external reviewers from the Philippines and abroad for every issues of the journal.


The primary consideration for publication in the UM International Multidisciplinary Research Journal is its contribution to providing new knowledge leading to the betterment of human lives and our society as a whole. The action of both the authors and reviewers is very critical in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the review process. The authors’ role is to prepare the manuscript to be evaluated by our external evaluators who are experts in their fields. The acceptance of the paper will be deliberated by the Editorial Board who will consider the significance of the paper and comments and suggestions of the external reviewers.