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A voice-based multi-platform first aid application using the Jaccard similarity index algorithm

Jenny Rose P. Guigue, Rey Gabrielle E. Pogado, Tiffany Claire C. Marata, and Meljohn V. Aborde
College of Computing Education, University of Mindanao, Davao City, Philippines



The purpose of this study was to create a first aid application that would help users to be able to provide immediate assistance in times of emergencies. As the researchers developed the application, the researchers utilized the following technical tools React Native framework in creating a multi-platform app, React Native Voice API for voice recognition, Firebase Database, React Native Geolocation and Maps, React Native Immediate Phone Call and the implementation of Jaccard Similarity Index Algorithm. The researchers used the Agile Scrum Methodology for tracking down the development progress of the study. The researchers tested the application on both Android and iOS devices; the researchers also tested the app based on the location, distance, and how fast the app responded. As per the recommendation from the users, the researchers would suggest using Android mobile devices in installing the app since Android devices were flexible. It was also recommended to place the app near the user’s mouth for better voice command detection, especially in crowded places.

Keywords: information technology, Jaccard similarity index algorithm, React Native, speech recognition, voice aid