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A non-parametric approach in assessment of operational efficiency of irrigation systems in Southern Mindanao, Philippines

Rona B. Presto
National Irrigation Administration XI, Davao City, Philippines

John Vianne B. Murcia
Professional Schools, University of Mindanao, Davao City, Philippines



This study sought to estimate the technical efficiency of irrigation systems in Southern Mindanao Region, Philippines. In order to do so, the study assessed the relative efficiency of 108 communal irrigation systems of the five provinces in Southern Mindanao based on the combination inputs and outputs. The input-oriented data envelopment analysis via DEAP 2.1 revealed 28 irrigation systems that are fully-technically efficient as they exhibited 1.00 technical efficiency scores in both constant- and variable returns-to-scale assumptions. Among the fully efficient irrigation systems, Cebuza SIS, Cateel Integrated IS, Badagoy CIS, and Pantang CIS lead the irrigation systems that lie in the efficiency frontier. Implications were discussed.

Keywords: econometrics, non-parametric efficiency, irrigation systems, data envelopment analysis, Southern Mindanao